This collection comprises records of paintings and drawings submitted to the Stationers’ Company for copyright protection between 1862 and 1912. The records are entry forms containing information about the creative works being submitted for copyright protection, with attached samples of those creative works. The details found in the entry forms include:

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Page type: Entry form

Item number (top right of entry form): 474

Image number (corner of image sample itself - leave blank if not visible):

Date of registration stamp: 2 Mar 1885

Date form completed (next to signature): 19 February 1885

Description of work: Drawing of a man in antique costume holding banner and standing in front of 4 men in armour with shields and banners

Date of Agreement or Assignment:

Names of Parties to Agreement or Assignment:

Name and Place of Abode of Proprietor of Copyright (use commas): William Henry Bosher, 2 Norwood Rd, Headingley. Leeds

Name and Place of Abode of Author of Work (use commas): Stet - ........??Terrace, Headingley, Leeds.

Approximate height of image sample (cm):

Approximate width of image sample (cm):

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