Transcription instructions

These records are made up of two pages, the second (right hand) page may not be easily transcribed in relation to the first page. If this is the case, mark the second (right hand) page as Blank

Transcribe each page as seen, if the page is faded, torn or unreadable, make a note in the field, and mark for review

There may be between 10-50 soldiers records per page. They are to be entered on their own line with the single field

Separate columns using a ; [semi-colon]. A transcribed line entry should look something similar:
Davies John; 5; 3 1/2; Not stated ;not stated ;22 ; 11 ; Fair ; hazle ; D brown ; narrow ; Cardigan ; Aberystwyth ; Labourer; Gosport; 5 April 1814 ; unlimited ; Not stated ; Not stated ; Not stated ; Not stated ; Not stated

If a field is blank, the enter [Not stated followed by a ; [semi colon]

Enter dates in full, such 1 January 1820. Do not enter 01, 1st or 1/1/1820

Use a ? [Question mark] for either unreadable or unclear entries

If a page varies from the list, such as a list of horses, or an officers record of service, mark for Review, and give a brief description in the text field