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and stay until meeting time. They had a
sing, and he appeared to enjoy it though I
still think he seems a little blue.
I don't think that I am very well, though as long
as my appetite is good, and I look well, I
dont say anything about it, but I have strange
feelings in my head come once in a while, and
sometimes feel a great disposition to cry at very
improper times. Perhaps I am only nervous.
Mr Haynes, who is one of Mr Lancy's boarders,
is lying at the point of death, as we suppose,
in the very next tenement. He had been very weak
for some time with a fever, and last night they
thought that he would not live through the night.
he did get quite comfortably through the night, and
this morning they had a little hope of his living.
It would be almost like one raised from the dead
if he should recover.
Mary and I got into one of our long talks the
other night, in the course of which she told me
that she had an impression that Harty would
live the longest of any of us. It is not improbable
that it will be so, for her constitution is certainly
much stronger than either Mary's or mine.
[???] fancy her mood, an old lady with her hair
grey, and combed nicely back under her cap, her
spectacles on her nose, and her face wearing that calm

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