Trustees Records, Vol. 7, 1886 (page 343)




Status: Complete


to the Corporation as a Trustee.


Lewis G. Farmer,



December 13
December 13, 1905

The Monthly Meeting was notified to be held on
Wednesday, December 13, 1905, at 2:30 o'clock, P.M.

No Quorum
No quorum was present.

Lewis G. Farmer,



1906January 10 Meeting
January 10, 1906.

The Monthly Meeting of the Board of Trustees was held
as notified on Wednesday, January 10, 1906, at 2:30 o'clock, P.M.

Present the President and Messrs., Beal, Cheever, Choate,
Foster, Russell and Watson.

The records of the meeting of November 8, 1905 were
read and approved.

Contracts Perpetual Care
The Committee on Lots recommended the following
Contracts for Perpetual Care all of which were approved
by the Board:

#865 *Charles T. Appleton by Heir $600.
2919 *Francis Parkman " [by] Exr's of Will of *Eliza W. S. Parkman 550.
3198 *John C. Gilbert " [by] Admx. 375.
3418 *Thomas P. Beal " [by] Ex'rs. Will of James H. Beal 1850.
5049 *John Cordner " [by] Heir (add'l.) 50.

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