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Gib Geneen & the Projecting Mountains on
our right at 6 1/4 we passed a village called Carmel.
At 6 3/4 we left the Plain of Bekaa or Coslo
Syria [bowing?] been 2 1/2 hours in crossing it.
A little farther S. it is not more than half
a wide. At Baalbec it is still wider. Antilebanon
where we round it is not so rough, steep & rocky
as Lebanon, & has more fertile valleys &
plains among its hills. At 10 1/2 we stopped
at Yentah to eat & sleep again in the shade
of a grove. Rested till 12. 45 min. Our journey in
the afternoon was principally in a Wady, a part
or the whole of it is the Wady Halooah. At 5
we reached Dimas & put up for the night
at a tolerably comfortable but where we found
a plenty of sour milk, -- very refreshing. This
morning we set off a quarter before 3. I cannot
tell how many times I fell asleep before day,
but I sometimes come near falling off my
mule. In the morning we had a very learned [underscore]
& animated discussion about twilight &
sunrise. At 7 we came in sight of Damas=
=cus, situated in an extensive plain surrounded
by immense gardens & orchards of fruit
trees. At 8 we left Anti-Lebanon & entered the
plains of Damascus. We very soon came
among the orchards & gardens. At 9 we entered
the city. Mr. Cook & I dismounted at the gate
& Mr. King had not rode far before he was
obliged to do the same. We were now walking
about town most of the time for 2 1/2 hours,

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