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No. 3

Damaschus June 26, Sat. 4. P.M.

Dear Br. B.

I wrote to you twice from
[?Dev el Kamer]. Thursday we set off for this
place at 7 A.M. We descended to the stream that
runs between D. el D. & Btedyn, the Emir's Palace
& leaving the Palace to the night began to '
ascend. The stream that runs through this
valley I take to be the same that empties a
little N. of Sidon & is there called Berook. At
8 1/2 we passed the Goat's Fountain [?Ain el Ma-
aza]. At 11 1/2 we stopped to dine & sleep a little while
in the shade at Ain Berook. A most delight-
ful spot. The water issues forth at several dif-
ferent places & forms a considerable stream
of the coldest, best water I have seen in the
country. We rested till 40 min. past one. At 3,40
we reached the highest summit of Lebanon
at this part of the Mountain. Then began a
tolerably regular descent to the Plain of [?Costo]
Syria. The E. side of Mt. Leb. is tolerably well wooded
principally with oaks but of a stinted growth.
At 5.40 min. reached the Plain. At 6.40 crossed
a river & encamped for the night in a little
brush hut full of holes & full of vermin. This
is the river that rises at Balbeck & runs along
between Lebanon & Anti-Leb. &, as I suppose,
empties between Sidon & Tyre. About a mile
from the place where we lodged is a village
called Gib Geneen at the foot of A a projection
from Anti-Leb. Friday started at 5 1/4 leaving

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