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1823. 3.
of palm trees. A little before noon we
left the Pyramids of [illegible] [illegible]
went, a fair wind.
Sat. Feb. 8. Toward evening we stopped
to see a coptic convent on the E. bank oppo-
site the village [Mamoun?) Three Priests belong
to it but were all absent. A copt & a multitdue
of Arabs were about the convent. The copt
showed us the church. It is a miserable, small,
dirty place. It contains two small chapels
dedicated to Mav Givges ( St. George),
the other to [illegible][illegible]. No wind & but
little progress today. Read [illegible] 19 & 20,
Ger. 44 & Ezek. 29, & 30 & 31 & 32, concerning Egypt.
L.D. Feb. 89. Though shut out from the
assembly of the Saints yet we have with
us our Bible & by reading in Baxter's
Saint's [illegible], & the Memoirs of Martyrs, &
Brainerd we seem to enjoy Society with
three of the best of men.
About 3 P.M. we [illegible] Beni =
[illegible], a considerable village on the west.
Mon. Feb. 10. It is a year this morning time
the death of Br. Parsons. My thoughts before
I rose this morning were much occupied
in meditation. I thought of my departed
Brother, I had some [unusually?] various
meditations of the love of Christ.
I felt, I trust, sincere desires to live
nearer to my Savior & to serve him
with more purity & more fidelity.
& that these thoughts may not be
like the morning cloud.

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