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2. Laird.
put theirs in a case & read them to
the Pasha. We havel earned nearly the
name from other sources. In view
of these events we can only commit
our way to the Lord, pray for his
blessing & console ourselves by re-
saying if the Lord be for us who can
be against us.
After a delightful walk with
Mr. Lee's family in the spacious garden
of palm trees adjoining his house,
we took our leave & embarked at
5, on our little boat, committting our
past labors & our future proceedings
to the devine [illegible].
It is a highly important cir-
cumstance in favor of Missionaries
& the Bible Society, that there are in
Egypt two consuls, Mmrs. Salt & Lee,
whose influence is [illegible] decidedly in our
Feb. 7. Fri. Last evening the wind
was favorable & we proceeded rapidly till
about 10,o'clock & then lay by for the
night. - This morning when I arose
I saw a splendid palace on the east
bank of the river, & a little south of it a
castle on a hill, the hill running
along to the north at a little distance
from the river. As we sailed along
we saw on the west bank a fertile plain
& at a little distance almost a forest

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