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Grand laivo, in Egypt, Feb. 6, 1823.
In company with the Rev. Jonas King
& the Rev. Josefls Wolf I leave now made
preparations to go into Upper Egypt. We
leaven taken a [landjay?] for which we
are to pay 300 [illegible] for months.
We leave in the [illegible] of Mr. Salt
one Trunk with my name on it [illegible]
contains, $350, belonging to Mr. King,
$200 to Mr. Wolf & $900, to me - also is
the room of [Osman?] the Dragomen [illegible]
King's [illegible] Wolf. 1 & 2 - a tin box of tea
& a case of wine - & in Mr. Salts
[court?] = Gave 11 boxes of books. -
After preparing our baggage we
took leave of Mr. Salt & went to the house
with Mr. Lee now, now occupies on the banks
of the Nile, at a place called [illegible] Jobar,
where our boat lies, & dined with Mr.
Lee & his amiable family. At dinner
Mr. Lee read us a letter from his Drago=
near Guiseppe at Alexandria in [illegible]
he states that Mr. Lenzi the agent for
Rosetta, [illegible] is now at Alexandria
has received a letter from his Drago=
man Signor Bochor [forrano?] stating
that a higher degree of fanaticism had
been exacted among the Guards at
Mussulmans at Rosetta by and [illegible]
[nations?, preaching & distribution of books
& that immediately after our departure
the [Musselims?] gave orders to collect
all the books that we had distributed

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