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North I shall bid Charleston and
all that it contains fairwell.

We are haveing a very pleasant
winter of course some days are
very cold but not as cold as
you have seen it up in Vermont
We had some very cold days
dureing the last month. I have
not seen any of Mr Crafts family
to speake to them since I left
Mr Marshall with the exception
of once I was passing the House
one day last Week and the little
Girl holowed at me from the
Balcony I was in a hurey and
did not stop. Mrs Crofts had
a Baby a short time after you
left the City I loaned them
Mr Marshalls scales to weigh it
I beleave it weighed ten pounds
Mr Marshalls Wife presented Him
with a daughter about two weeks
ago I am told that it is a very
large child. I have not much

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