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It is built of limestone but of a different
quality from anything I have ever seen, being beautiful
clouded like marble. Everything about it is of the
same material; the partitions are of solid stone
from two to four feet thick and through all the
doors and openings, arched and finely carved.
The main columns were 7 feet in diameter and
25 feet high, all of solid stone. In passing through
the different halls and windings I saw the rooms
ocupied by the different department of state, and one
attracted my attention in particular—over the entrance
was the word Governor, miss spelled
Surrounding this building is a wall of stone and
dirt to just hide some big peace makers, that
lie quietly snoozing in the sun with a guard
silently walking to and fro, —, I counted in all
ten heavy Pareot siege guns and two 12 pound
howitzers; —upon the second balcony all arround
there is piled a row of cotton bales for beast masks
for sharp shooters. — Down on the banks
of the river I saw the old father of guns; what
it was called or what the weight of shot I
shall not pretend to tell, but I could crawl
into the mouth without any trouble, and don't
know but I could turn round and come out

We are having to day one of the finest of those
fine, warm, smoky days of the Indian summers

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