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November 14th 1862

Dear Girl, As I have had
no chance to send this off, yet I think I had
better write a little more so as to make
a sizeable letter of it. There is now a
connection made with the Bowling Green
and Nashville railroad, by stage back forty
miles to Mitchelsville, so that one can now
send and get mails daily, and the tunnel
on this railroad, that was blown up by the
rebels and stoped communicartion. Will be
repaired (in a few days) when everything will go on all right

Yesterday I made a visit to the great city
of Nashville, looked over it carefully, and
concluded not to buy it, although I picked
me out a house to live in, which I think,
will suit you. Nashville was evidently
built when land was very scarce, for the
streets are hardly wide enough for two teams to
pass and it all looks to me as though they had built
a lot of houses and then tumbled them all into
a heap. Some are end up and some anothers

It is an irregular, old, dried up concern, although
there were some as fine buildings as I ever saw

I went up to the state house and went all
through it, and it was one grand, massive thing

[Upside down at top of letter]
What a time there will be when peace is declared and we are ordered to lay
down our arms, there will be one grand forward movement
of the whole army, but it will be for the north, and many a heart
will leap with joy, while many, very many will sink in sorrow.

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Orlando French did not distinguish notationally between periods and commas.