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fits such as were common with me at one time
giddiness + blindness followed by a killing sick head
ache nothing dangerous but as the chivalry sat "powerful
uncomfortable - at ten A.M. then being under orders
to change camp the Col gave me permit to go to the city +
make myself as comfortable as I could the surgeon ordered
me into the hospital but I did not go but took lodgings at
a hotel where I remained until nearly night to day when
I returned to camp
Dec 4th Nothing occurred to day except that we recieved
orders to allow no citizen or straggling soldier arround
our camp but arrest them + set them to work on our
fortifications + it being Sunday thousands of citizens were
strolling arround to see what they could + ran right
in to a trap + before night we had very fine works
It afforded our boys a great deal of sport to see those
nice old fellows from town dig in the ditches who ahd
probably never handled a spade nefore in their lives
Dec 5th the Regt was detailed for picket today + remained
out 24 hours no demonstrations
Dec 6 " Peace + quietness prevails in our front but to
our right + near or on the river some heavy fighting
had taken place today that the Johnneys have been whipped
again is all we have heard

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