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sheet 2
for the Hd Qrs of this Regt that in its past history
had not been equalled our Hd qrs were made
in a house nearby + the lady kindly placed her
parlor + bedrooms at our disposal + we promised
ourselves a capital nights rest but "theres many
a slip twixt the cup + the lip" The Maj had joined
us here just from home + while regaling ourselves
upon the luxuries he had best with him + socially
chatting of things present past + to come an aide entered
with "prepare to move out at once + away we go to
the other side of the town one + a half miles + camped for
the night in the mud + rain with the wind blowing
hard - this part of the line had been fighting through the day
+ were hard pressed - such is the life of the soldier there
is but a moment from the grave to the gay or from the lively
to the pathetic + tragic
We remained at this place until the night of the 27th
reeching works but no fighting was done except on the
skirmish line where we had one man wounded
The night of the 27th in common with the whole army
crossed to this side of the river the rear guard destroying
what stoves could not be taken away

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