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the dozzen boots shoes coats overcoats + tobaco +
cigars by the wholesale together with almost everything a
sutter keeps was soon transferred to the pockets + knapsacks
of the 75th but little opposition was made to this
transfer of property + in most cases it was given
out to the boys willingly as they had no means of
taking it away + must be abandoned to the Rebs
+ citizens as soon as we left fifty + over a hundred
dollars was realized by some from property taken in
this way In the meantime some three hundred thousand
rouds of fixed ammunition that could not be
removed was deposited in the streets + at 11 oclock the
hour having arrived for us to evacuate I recalled the
pickets + as the Regt marched away we fired the ammunition
which gave first the few scattering shots as if skirmishing
which gradually increased until it swelled into the
full volume of a well contested fight but of course
without the accompanying horrors of the real battle field
we continued as rear guard marching until
daylight without halting + then not long enough to
make coffee the march was continued through the day
annoyed by continued checks of the train + arrivell
at Columbia at 8 oclock in the evening and
bivouacked in the mud but thirty six hours without

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