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Head Qrs 75th Ill Vol
Nashville Tenn Dec 9th 1864
Dearest Lydia
I have neglected my correspondence
with you or rather I have been so busy that I have
realy had no time to write + I have to steal from
the hours of sleep to write this but I feel that I must
do it + can perhaps write nothing better than
from my memorandum from the time I left
The 23d of November we had orders to march at
noon we had hoped to remain there for the winter
but it soon became evident that Hood was making
by us for some more northerly front which
made it necessary to concentrate our lines + as I have
said the 23d we received orders to march
This Brigade wsa detached for rear guard + to the
73th was assigned the special duty of destroying all
stoves that could not be removed quite an amount
of stoves had accumulated + the cars were running
all day + then were unable to remove it all after the
trains had all left we began the work of destruction

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