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to this place of they can get in our rear
and cut off our communication but
they have got a good deal to do if they under-
take that job
We have been short of rations for several
days, and men & officers are now living
on half rations. It comes rather tough
to live on half rations of Hard bread, meat
coffee, & sugar, but such is often the fate
of soldiers and we hear but little grumbling

I have not heard from you for a long
time and am very anxious to get a
letter from you, as I know you are
from me

I have become somewhat rested and am
quite well now

In my last I gave you permission to go to house
keeping but if you have made no move
in that direction I would much rather
you find a good place and go to boarding
I rather like the looks of this town

I will write you again in a few days
as I have opportunity

How I wish I could see you tonight but it
is useless to wish so good bye dearest of
women, while I remain ever your loving


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