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glance the direction from which we might expect visitors and a little after noon the col. turned to me in a joking manner + said "French what would you do if the rebels were to jump in here and surround the house demanding our surrender - but before I had time to reply to his question we heard the clatter of feet up the walk into the hall and the parlor door thrown open and - not a rebel but our Sergeant appeared and in an excited manner said "Colonel there is a man out here that wants to see you"
Our belt pistols lie on the floor but they were soon [buckeled?] on and out one went but as I passed out I glanced at the ladies to see what effect it might have on them -the widow was several shades paler and the others was visibly excited
We found the Capt of the pickets at the gate who said that he had been
attacked by about forty rebel cavalry upon the pike and had driven them back but he expected they would not give it up so and as the colonel was the ranking officer wished he would he would go up and see how the matter stood we mounted and was soon at his outpost where his pickets had retreated The colonel and myself by his side went forward to the scene of the attack and found it all clear but the country on both sides of the road was very rough and withal very dryly wooded and a lurking enemy would have all the advantage of being able to witness our approach while under cones himself but nevertheless we went forward nearly a mile farther until --- we arrived at whay is called the "look-out" where the road for three miles was in plain sight but all this time the gallant Capt kept twenty rods in our rear and our Sergeant was with him and the
Capt told him that we were very daring in riding on so far that he would not without being supported perhaps we were but I should have ridden there
if I had known it was my last ride after having said what I did to the Colonel - in the morning but I did not feel all allon

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