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The lady of the house was apparantly
about thirty years of age while her liege lord +
master had seen nearly twice that number
and his locks were sprinkled with grey but
the lady was fair fat + full of fun
We found here also Capt Hutchinson of the
the 10th Ohio Cavalry who was in command
of the whole picket force - after having presented
me to the company as Quarter Master French
the conversation flowed smoothly along in which
I engaged the old man and the colonel the lady
and as there appeared no particular use for the
Capt he took the hint and left and then
from the [recesses?] of his clothes the col brought
forth Sunday newspapers and mysterious looking
packages all of which wre duly presented
and among the rest was a half pound of
yellow snuff which was received with
evident marks of pleasure + satisfaction
I will here take the occasion to say that the
use they make of this article is to eat ot
or in their own words to dip to squab and the
mildest form is to rub which is performed
by placing a small quantity on a tooth brush
and them rubbing the teeth with it and
the use of this article of commerce in this
manner is voted an elegant accomplishment

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