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which is that there is no such a personage
in existence as Mrs Col Bennett on this
subject your knowledge - is to be
positive and unqualified I assured him that
such would be for this day my absolute
knowledge of this matter
The house was a half mile from the pike on
the left and out of sight from the videtts on
the pike and as we rode up to the house I
could not but remark of they knew we were
there to come down the hill side dash through
the videtts surround the house and gobble us
up before we could have time to say Jack Robinson
- but I retained my own opinions and rode up
to the gate where we dismounted leaving our
horses in charge of the Sergeant with orders to
not tie them but keep them, ready to mount
at a moments notice and to keep a good
look out with this precaution we applied for
admission - The house is a large two story one
- commodious + tastefuly built the yard was
prettily laid out with evergreens and shrubbery
and evidences of womans care + handiwork
were visible in the many pots + beds of flowers
some of which were in bloom
One of the blackest of Africk daughters
attended our summons and bade us enter
and were shown into a very pleasant sitting
room and after the first greeting I [smelt?]
a very large sized mill for I discovered
that our [sober?] quiet dignified Colonel was
on terms of intimacy at this mansion which
could only have been obtained by very frequent
and welcome visits

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