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and with this help to dispute the advance
loading and firing on the retreat, which
gives time for those in camp to prepare for
this reception
One thing I forgot to mention, the stations
are numbered from right to left, one, two,
three, four, & so on as many as there hapens to be
and if the first station sends out two outposts
they are numbered first & second outposts from
the first station and the sentinels from these
outposts are the first, second, third, fourth, &c of the
first outpost of the first station, and also the same
numbers from the second outpost of the first
station, and the next station has the same number
of outposts & the same of sentinels, and they number
in the same way except that they refer to the
second station instead of the first, and in
case of an attack. and the messenger is sent
in, he is able to tell what station and outposts
and what sentinels have met the attack, and
the commanding officer is able to prepare
himself accordingly. and in the right direction

Just about Sundown, the Colonel, the Major
and myself made the grand rounds, by
visiting every station, outpost and sentinel
to see that they are at their post, and at the
stations and outposts in the day time on
the approach of the officer of the day or any
officer who may be making the rounds, the

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