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4 oclock P.M.

I went back to camp to day after the
mail, found Dr Warner of Dixon there
but no particular news from home, and no
letters for me - contrary to our expectations
we do not go on picket to day, so we are
laying here with nothing to do and plenty
to eat

Thursday noon April 2nd - This morning
at ten o clock our regiment went out on
picket and I went along to see them place
the guard, - It takes two regiments to make
the entire picket; and they are placed in a
circle, and our Regt makes half of the circls &
is divided into four stations and the ranking
officer of the squad is the commanding officer
and here he makes his head quarters, - his
outposts are then numbered, and squads are
sent out under charge of a Sergeant or Corporal
who relieves those already there, - this is all
that has been done at this time and the
Colonel has returned to camp where he can
stay only making his grand rounds, three or
four times in the twenty four, and on
these trips when he visits every picket, to see
that he is at his post and doing his duty, I
shall accompany him and will report according-
-ly - by the way the stations are only about fifty

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