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at two P.M. with four days rations
and by invitation of the Colonel, thought
I would be one of the party and see what
was to be seen and hear what was to be
heard, We are here to relieve Sheridan
division, and two brigades of our division
are here, What the precise object of keeping
a force stationed here is more than I can
tell: we are about three miles out from
the advance pickets of the grand army and
are here alone, that is two Brigades - there
is no doubt a good and sufficient reason
for our being here but none that I have
questioned on the subject are able to tell
me what it is

As we came in here to camp an officer
rode along at full speed from our left
saying to the Colonel, [crossed out] saying [end crossed out] that the enemy
was coming in force, and that they had
driven in the pickets on the extreme
left - he looked and acted very much
as I do when I am excited, in fact battle
scared, - but that could not have been the
matter with him, - notwithstanding this
we staked arms and the command
pitched this shelter tents and the 59th Hq
one of our brigade went on picket.
Tomorrow night it will be our turn, and
of my experience in picketing for the first time

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