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can get convenient rooms in a
house with some good family, then you
might posibly enjoy yourself better but it
would cost you more, but if you are
satisfied that your happiness will be in-
-creased, do no hesitate on that account
There is one other little sentence in your
letter- although you did not write it, I know
-I reads something like this, - that I probably
find other society down here that I can
enjoy myself with, better than I could with
yourself - now I dont think you wrote a
word of that, - it was just a slip of the
pencil, but if you did write it I want
you to take it all back, and ask my pardon
and do it very humbly too
I have a great deal to write about this time
but I am affraid it will fail to interest you
but if it does not-you may consider that
you never got this letter
Last tuesday, March 31st our regiment
was ordered to Salem, and the Colonel
invited me to accompany him which I did
and something of ^what I did and thought and saw
you will find here recorded in the form
of a diary which I took down while gone

Salem March 31st 1863
the regiment received orders this day at
12 am to be ready to march to this place

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