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sick and wounded there which they could
not take away with them, or rather
they would rather leave them than not for
us to furnish rations and medicine, - they
are very sharp, they know we will not let
them starve, although we ought to

I have news to night from Division head
quarters by way of the private entrance, that the
whole army force marches day after tomorrow
on a short campaign for the south, without
tents, other than their [given?] blankets, - a provision
train is to follow them but everything else
is to be left behind with the Q.M. with a
small force,- or as it is said, a sufficient
force to protect us but I prophesy that
if our forces get thirty miles from us,
that we are all gobbled up, but let her rip
we can take anything as it comes and do it
gracefuly too - Gen Rosey has got an idea
into his head of some kind, and I hope it
is a good bright one, and will lead him on
to a victory- It is raining to night, good
and strong, it rains about one third of the
time now, but it is not cold at all and we
have had no snow, but I hear that there is
any amount of snow up north, - hope you
are not buried up in it - for I have had no
letter for nearly three weeks, - If the mail goes
in the morning I shall send it as it is, if not will write
more, but for the present a fond good night
while I remain your loving husband Orlando

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