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Camp across the Chicahomany
June 9th 62

Friend Eliza

I received
your letter of the 28th and was glad
to hear that Wille was safe at home.
I saw his name in the New York herald
when he arived in that City it costs
something to lern the news here we
have to pay 20 cts apiece for papers
there is some beautiful ceanery on
the Pamunkey river but the Chic-
ahomany is a low marshey fever and
ague looking of consern with no banks
so it is very wide after a rain storm
and that is about every day until
last week when it rained eight
days in the week our division
crost the river last thursday to
the right of the battle field of satur-
day and sunday or rather grave
yard as it is now. We were reviewd
yesterday by General Prim and staff

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General Prim was a Spanish soldier, diplomat, and politician who supported the Union and visited Union troops in the field during a visit to Washington.