Letter from Aldace Freeman Walker to Aldace Walker


Letter from Aldace Freeman Walker, Middlebury College Class of 1862, to his father, Aldace Walker.

This is a scanned version of the original image in Special Collections and Archives at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt.




Fort Stevens D. C.

Sabbath, Sept, 6, 1863.

Dear Father;

I am now living in a dark room at Mr. Butt's, suffering from acute inflamation of the eyes. The Dr. forbids both reading & writing, - an unpleasant arrangement. Otherwise I am quite well, & altogether am in good spirits. The inflamation of my eyelids has somewhat subsided, though the inside of my eyes remains quite sore, I hope however to get round within a week. I keep my eyes continually bandaged, with various applications as, sugar of lead, sulphate of zinc & opium, boild flax seed rose water, milk &c &c — Salts & pills internally - I hope Uncle Joel is better by this time. Dr Meigs is taking care of me. Dr. Porter is sick, & Surgeon Kidder is "played out."

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Will the failure of Mr. Parker to get dismissed make any difference in your plans?

I think it very kind in Mr. [Simmons?] to make a piano expressly for you. I hope you will be satisfied with it when it comes, & that it wont keep you waiting much longer.

I take my meals regularly, & have a good apetite. Owing to the present distracted state of the country I dont think it best to write any more this morning.

Your Son A. F. Walker

Pr. scribe

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