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Camp of the 44th in front of Petersburg August 14, 1864

Dear Parents

Once more I am promoted to answer your kind & most welcome
letter which arrived some nights ago It found me rather under the weather I had a
severe atack of the fever which lasted me pretty severe for three days The night
that I was the sickest I was on picket I nvere suffered so much with a head ache
as I did that night my eyes seemed started from their sockets next morn came
in & sent for some medicine Took a good quantity of quinine & dover powders
Soon felt better I am quite well now So that I can eat a regular meal you know
that I can stand it ias long as I can ear & when I cant I play out Today is Sunday
& a verry warm day It as been About three Oclock we were favored with a
splendid shower which lasted about 2 hours. we have also has a feast of
watermelons they only sel for a 1.50 thats all But we must have a taste cost
what it may Dewit Smith was hear today he looks healthe & tough I believe he
reinlisted heis nearly as heavy as I am

There is some prospects of our moving soon Some where Where I cant
say We keep four days rations on hand for enny emergency yesterday
there was heavy cannonading on our rite Some report that our men captured a
fort & 16 guns & some say that Butler was drove back Cant tell enny thing about
what you hear There is heavy cannonading there now while I am writing I think
my self that there is something going on There was quite a number came to the
Regt yesterday Some that wer wounded in the wilderness. I have just finished
supper guess what I had. Codfish made up into a good gravy as you saw & a
good cup of tea The flyes almost murder us enny day I dont think the Boys will
average more than one drop of blood apiece in their arms Flyes are Just like a
swarm of bees around ones head & if you sit still a moment or stop fighting them
they nearly take sweet life We have been paid off I got too months pay I have a
$20 allotment in my packet but shaant send it this time wait a little till the rush of
money gets away & there wont be wuite as much rish to run Hard Blair had a
letter from home writen the same night that his mother died he took it very calm
But he feels sad it seemes wors on account of his time being so near out But is
was so ordered & could not be other wise Heman Sayes I must marre that little
girl I tell him to call on Some of its numerons onnly dont you think that fair if it
had bee of the other sex then I would not of hesitated You know that I dont have
enny thing to with the girls now We have just 40 days dayes & night to stop in
the wilderness yet then look for three Cheers & a loud tiger I must close for it is
dark read this if you can if not send it back & i will write again (quinnine stirs up
the nerves) Remember me to all except my love & Best wishes Wilb-----


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