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[crossed through - is but a noonday] meant any-
thing short of immortal. "Time
present & future always
rivals." said J. Reynolds. Noon
the [hour/ never?] w'h was [?skirted] with
gold & purple faded into emotions
like those caused by a climax
given to the cook to boil beets
potatoes & carrots! Yet it was
the weakness of my own mind
that could not divest itself of
sounds & associations w'h had h'd
its youth thro' the thorny paths
of arrid yet wholesome [truggles?] -
w'h may have broken in to
the very weary wastery waitings of
age. Nor do I the more excuse
your impertinence under the holy
zeal of that true [Nonsense? Emmett?]
I began the note by liking to re-
[use] to the little apology you made

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