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We give below a list of the men from Bath county who are, or who were in the military service of the United States during the recent war. The following rules have been observed in compiling this list: (1) All citizens of the county who volunteered, no matter what the place of enlistment, are included. The Government keeps no record of the counties from which these men come. (2) All men in the drafts are included, whether native, or ismply temporary residents who registered here. The Government keeps a record of these man by counties, and therefore gives Bath county credit for them. (3) All citizens of the county who were temporary residents of, and registered in other counties, ARE CREDITED TO THOSE COUNTIES BY THE GOVERNMENT RECORDS, and THEREFORE, CANNOT BE CLAIMED IN THIS LIST. (4) All men are included who were accepted and inducted at some camp or other institution for military training, though they may have been discharged immediatley therafter. Abreviations: (D) drafted; (V) volunteer; Col. colored; S. A. T. C., Student Army Training Corps. This list is to be made a part of the permanent records of Bath county, and in order to have it as nearly perfect as possible we earnestly request the following information: (1) The date of enlistemnt of all the volunteers here given. (2) The names of any volunteers who may be omitted from this list. (3) The branch of service, and rank of ALL THE MEN IN THE LIST. (4) The casualities of all the men in the list. In order to eliminate uncertainty and make the record official, we ask the member of the soldier's family who received the [illegible] of the casualty - [illegible] turing-of the soldier, report the same to us, giving date and place when possible. (5) It is desired to keep a list of the Bath county boys who were drafted in other counties, and therefore cannot be credited to their native county. A separate list will be kept of all these whose names can be gotten. Please report such, and state where they were drafted, and date of induction in camp. We are publishing this list for correction and to get all possible additional infomration. If, when it is made a part of the records of Bath county in the great war, your boy has not received proper credit it will be your fault. You owe it to him to report the facts to us that we may include them. Please give all infomration possible and return this lsit to CHAS. W. REED, Warm Springs, Va.

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Agnew, Willie (V) Hot Springs, Va.

Allstock, Lissis Willis (D) Millboro, Va.

Allstock, Noel Edgar (D) Millboro, Va. (San Jus. W. & Sallie) E. E. 318 - 80th Div - Battles Picardy Sector - Somme Offensive. Aug. [8?] -16, 1918. St. [illegible] Sept. 12. Meuse - Argonne Sept 26 - Nov. 7, 1918 Ailstock, Cornelious, of Millboro, Va. Samuel [illegible] [Glass?] Regular Army; was discharged and called back into Service early Spring 1917 - now 2nd Lieut.

Allan, Gustavis (D) Col. Warm Springs, Va.

Ayres, william Herbert (V) Millboro, Va. (Son of Wm M. & Annie) Enlisted in Marine Corps, Co. 450 - Batallion C Stationed Paris Island - S. C.

Baldwin, Buddie Campbell (D) [Bolae?], Va.

Bee, Wick (D) Col. Warm Springs, Va.

Bee, Tim (D) Col. Warm Sprints, Va.

Black, Clarence Baxter (D) [Nimrod?] Hall, Va. ( Son [illegible] & Laura) C. E. Engr. Corps. Camp HumphreyBlack, Donald Alexander - Hot Springs, Va. (Son of Dr. R. A. & Marie E.) 1st Class Seaman, US. N. R. F. Trained Pelham Bay Naval Station - July 12-Nov. 3, 1918

Bottonfield, Earnest (D) Millboro, Va.

Bozeman, Earl -

Bonner, Walter C. (D) U. of Va. 16th C Central Officers Training. Camp Lee Va. 2nd Lt. Nov 3, 1910

Bright, Edgar H. Hot Springs, Va. & New Orleans, La.

Brinkley, Richard L (D) Lee: [Clung?] Va.

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Brinkley, George G. (V) Williamsburg, Va.

Brinkley, George F. (D) Millboro Springs, Va. 1 Son of Clams. to [?] & 15th Casual, Co. Camp Sea. Va.

Broce, Armond G. (D) Hot Springs. Va. (Son. Taylor & Sarale). 12th Co. b-Eugi. Training Regt. Brooks. Sor. Carroll. Hot Springs, Va (Son of Samuel A. & Susie of Sordor. Co. Va.) qualified April 8, 1918. [?] Hospital, Washington, [?] U.S.S. [?] [?] 15/18. Transport Duty - Arrival Brost. Frause 7/6/19

Bruebeck, Raymond E. (D) Hot Springs, Va.

Brace, Luther Hale (D) Hot Springs, Va. (Son of T. + Sarah) [Eugi????] Camper #261192

Burton, John M. (S. A. T. C.) [B?ville] Va. (Son of d. F. & Juliette)

Burns, Wilbur Clyde (D) Private - Entered Military Services Sept. 4 - 1918. at Camp Lee, Va_ Go. B. 10th B. N of R + J.D.

Burns, [Re?el] Stanley (d) Private - [B?ville] July 13, 1918, for Training Detachment at Charlottesville, Va, later transferred to , 7th T. M. B. Baty D with the A. E. T. in France released from Service. Jan. 13, -'19.

Burns, Cletis P. (d) Private - [B?ville] July 13-, 1918, for Training Detachment at Charlottesville, Va, later transferred to 7th T.M.B. Baty 6 with the A. E. T. in France, released from Service. Jan. 15, -'19

Burnes, Charles Leon (V) Navy Enlisted in U.S. Naval Reserve Forces, July 5th- 1918, Stationed at Norfolk, Va, (Pier 4) 60, 14, 6, Rate Carpenters mate 2nd Class, released from active service Dec- 12, 1918

Burger, Willie Dennis (D) Taken prisoner, July 24, 1918 - Back with his Co. Dec. 1918 - Healing Springs. Va.

Burger, Rolland T. (D) Burger, Hugh [C?] - Hot Springs, Va. [??dical] College of Va.

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Chapman, Ira S. (D) - Hot Springs, VA

Clark, Harry T. (D) - Williamsburg, VA Clarks. (illegible). & W I W. (illegible) Va. ((illegible) j.a.) Clarkson, Blandy B. (V) Hillsboro Va. Major -

Cleek, Leslie Everett (D) Hillsboro, Va. 80th Div. Cleek, Harriet (illegible) Callaghan, Dossie Nelson (V) Hot Springs, Va.

Campbell, Edward Given (D) Warm Springs, Va. LSo(illegible) 7.7 & Leary A.) Co. C. 4th (illegible) Infantry Rep. + Training (illegible) Camp Campbell, Stanley Brown (D) Warm Spings, Va. ((illegible) Lee. Va.) 80th Div. Camp Lee, Va. Campbell, Henry (D) Armstrong, Va.

Campbell, Dick (D) Hot Springs, Va. (illegible) 16t Infantry 42nd Div.

Campbell, Clarence (D) Armstrong, Va.

Campbell, Henry Smith (V) Navy Hot Springs, Va.

Campbell, Howard (V) Navy Warm Springs, Va.

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Cardiff, Robert Joseph (D) New York City -(Address unknown)

Carpenter, George M. (D) Warm Springs, Va.

Carpenter, Richard Cleveland (D) Private - Entered Military Service Oct.9- 1917 at Camp Lee, Va transferred to A.E.D. Wagon Co. Carter, Ivanhoe Quartermaster corps. Camp Hill, Newport News, Va.

Carter, Richard (D) Millsboto, Va.

Carter, Willie (D) Col. Millboro, Va.

Carter Otto (V) Millboro, Va Cauley, Resta N. (D) McCennq Va

Cauley, Harry Tucker Cauley, George Wallace (V) Warm Springs, Va

Cauley, Jesse Fred (D) Healing Springs, Va. (Son Benjm) Camp Lee #4631481

Cauley, William Benj. (D) McCennq Va

Colvin, Jim (D) Armstrong, Va.

Cornell, Lloyd (V) Hot Springs, Va. Mother=Mrs G.W. Giles Cales , Clarence Wilson (D) Deerfield, Va.

Coleman, Chas. A. Healing Springs, Va. Killed in action-

Cooper, Jerry F. (D) Col. Hot Springs, Va.

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