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April 5th 1898
Richmond VA,
The monthly meeting of St. Johns
P.E. Church Vestry was held in the
brick school house Tuesday evening
April 5th 1898
Rev R A Goodwin presiding
Mep Cyrus Bossieux, GL Curry ,
J.S. Moore, W S Blankingship GG Minor
F J Craige, , W C Reed, J H Allen
and R Edgar Shine.

The Rector opened the meeting such prayer

The Treasurer of Contingent Fund
reported as having on hand about $160.00.
The following letter was read

Brookhaden Mip
March 28, 1898
To the vestry and Wafrdens, St Johns
Church, Richmond Va
Dear Sirs,-
The church in Brookhaden
Mip has been neglected for
many years, indeed,the building
has never been completed, there
are about 10 Episcopalians in a
population of 3,000. Rev D.E. [Holt?] of
Terry Miss. [Mississippi] is now giving us service
twice a month. We feel that
if we could complete our church
we could build up a strong
congregation here.
Please help us out by sending
us a dollar, and oblige
Yours truly Mrs. E.A. Ragland [illegible]
Mrs. AJ Friden

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