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Feby [February] 2nd 1897
On motion the Vestry declined to
pay for the Tenor singer.
The Vestry then by private
subscription paid over to Capt, Jno.
F. Mayer the amount charged by
the Tenor and requested him to
inform Miss Doswell, when handing
her the amount, that no debt
must be contracted by the choir
without consultation with Mess
Craigie, Moore + Mayer the music
On motion the special comm,
on Building + Repairs was authorized
if they deem it advisable to have
wire netting put over the Transcept
window of the church.
The Rector read a communication
regarding a proposed plan
for changing the lay representation
in the Church Council, on motion
this communication was laid
on the table.
On motion Mr Moore was
appointed a committee of one
to see Dr Chas. M. Shields and
ascertain what his views were
in regard to his father's
contribution to the Endowment
It was now moved and
carried that the Vestry go into
an election of a Vestry man
to fill the vacancy caused by
the death of Mr Jas. W. Shields
Senior Warden.

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