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Octo 15th 1894
The following motion was put
befor the Vestry & carried.
Moved - that the representatives
of St John's Church on the
Dioss, Mssy, committee make
application to the Dioss. Messy.
society for an appropriation
to be used in the payment
of the assistant Minister salary.
It was further moved in this
connection & carried, that the
members of the Vestry who are
also the representatives of St
John's Church on the City
Missy. [Missionary?] Socy [Society?], in case they fail
to get an appropriation from
the Diess. Missy [Missionary?] Socy [Society?] make
application to the City Missy. [Missionary?]
Socy. [Society?] for an appropriation
from them for the above object.
It was moved & carried that
Rev. R.A. Goodwin, Cap. Cyrus
Bossieux, & Dr L.C. Crump
be appointed a committee of
three to call an assistant
Minister for St John's Church.
Jas. T. Estes

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