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appointed to ascertain the sense of the
Pewholders as to the expediency of moving
the church below the Hill: - also the expediency
[stricken: of] either of building a church,
or of purchasing the Prestbyterian church
& specify the number & the individuals
who approve or disapprove of either
plan: and that the said committee
report as soon as they obtain the
necessary information.
Mr. Wicker moved that the resolution [stricken: that]
[stricken: the resolution] be laid on the table, on which
motion [above the line: the vote] was as follows Ayer. Messers Wicker,
Dove & Enders, 3. - Noes The Rector - Messers
BohannaN, Snell, MaCNemarra & Weston 5.
On the question shall the resolutions pass
it was decided in the affirmative - and
The Rector - Dr. Bohannan - Mr. Wicker,

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