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Resolved that this Vestry will pay two hundred dollars per annum
to assist the Vestry of Henrico parish in compensating a minister
to officiate in the Richmond Hill Church provided that
during the absence of the Bishop in the performance of the
duties of his Diocese such minister shall officiate once
every Sabbath alternately morning and evening in the Monu
mental Church and provided also, that the Vestry of
Henrico parish shall by resolution assent to this arrangement.
On consideration whereof, Resolved that the preposition
contained in the foregoing Resolution of the vestry of the
monumental church be and the same is hereby accepted and
Resolved that under the present appearance of the friends
of this parish the sum of one thousand dollars per annum
should be given for the term of three years to any clergyman
who may be appointed as an assistant to the Rev.d Doctor
Buchanan in addition to the sum proposed to be givenm
by the Vestry of the Monumental Church.
Resolved that the vestry do now proceed to appoint an
assistant minister to this parish.
The vestry proceeded to ballot agreeable to the provision
of the last resolution. And the ballots being counted
it appeared that there was an unanimous vote in favor of
the Rev.d David Moore of the State of New York.
Resolved that the wardens be requested to invite the Rev.d
David Moore to accept the appointment as assistant

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