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At a meeting of the Vestry of Henrico parish at the Capital
on Saturday the 24 July 1790


The Reverand John Buchanan, Jaquelin Ambler, John
Barrett, Alexr. M Robert, Wm Washam, Philip McRae
Thomas Nicholson, Robert Pollard.

Mr. Ambler presented his acct for the receipt payment
of money as Treasurer to the Vestry from the 3rd of
April last to this date, The balance remaining in his
hands £2-7-34

The collectors of the different wardships are requested to
lodge with the Clerk of the Vestry a full state of their
transactions for the last years subscriptions, on or
before the 20 day of August next, stating the amount
of the subscription. The Money received of the respective
persons that are delinquent, and sumes owing by each
in the meantime all collections made to be paid
immediately into the hands of the Treasurer,

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