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with, during the inclement winter months. They shall also explain the nature of confirmation, and instruct and prepare their Parishioners for it.
XXXIX. Minifters [Ministers]shall wear a furplice [surplice] during the time of Prayer at public worfhip [worship], in places where they are provided, shall wear gowns when they preach, where they convenintly car, an shall at all times wear apparel fuited [suited] to the gravity of their profeffion.
XL. Minifters [Ministers] officiating in this Church whether Bifhops [Bishops], Priefts [Priests], or Deacons, shall Preach once at least on every Lord's day, and at other stated seasons, unless prevented by some sufficient cause, they may at their discretion preach also at other times, when opportunities shall offer of ed fying the Church: Bishops and Priests shall administer and Sacrament at least four times in the year at each Church or place of worship in their respective Parishes, and shall visit the sick when called on for that purpose.


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