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attending by ficknefs )proceed to the trial, examine the teftimony against the offender,
and take the depofitions of the witnefles.
XXX. No Veftryman fhall fiton the examintaion of a Minifter belonging to the Parith
wherein fuch Verftryman refides, the examination shall be held in the Parith where the
accused Minister officiates, and at a place to be appointed by the Veftry, the Judges shall
appoint a clerk official for such examinations.
XXXl. Disorderly, scandalous, and immoral conduct,neglect of duty,a disregard to the
rules and Canons of the Church,or taking a bribe to recommend either for ordination or a
Parith,are to be considered amongst the offences,for which a Minister ,whether benefited
or not,may be brought to trail.
Complaints against a Minister who has never been inducted into a Parith,or having been
inducted shall have vacated the fame,shall be received from the Minister as is here in
after directed,or from the Veftry of the Parith where the offence is paid to have been
commited.They shall be signed by the Minister of such Parith and four of his Valley at
least,or by amajority of the Veftry where the Minister is not included as a
complainant,without which no complainant shall be received,and all other other
proceeding shall be the fame as for the trial benificed MInister, except that the Parah
where in the offence is alledged to have been commited shall be considered as the Parith
where the affending Minister resides: Provided always that where the visitor or his Veftry
make the complaint, the next edleft Minister in the District shall actin the place of such
and the Court shall have the same power to pronounce [illegible] as against the benficed
XXXII.Deacons behaving in a feandalous,disorderly,or immoral manner,or who neglect
the duty they have undertaken, shall [illegible] full and satisfactory proof ,be suspended
or silenced by the Bishop until the sense of the Convention shall be known. And the falary
accruing during the suspension of a Minister or Deacon, who is afterwards found guilty
shall go to the Veltry of the use of the church.
XXXIII. Eithobs shall visit the different Parithes under their inspection once in three
years at least of which [illegible], the Clergy or Church wardens shall have timely
notice;in their vifitation they shall confirm such as choose to receive confirmation,they
shall inspect the flate of the Parithes,and the conduct of the Clergy,who shall give
them what information they can respecting such [illegible] matters as tghey chose to be informed of
XXXIV. Eithobs shall hold ordinations at such times and places as they may judge necessary and convenient.
XXXV. Bishops after every vifitation,shall report the flate of the Church in the different Parithes to the Convention.
XXXVI. No Minister or Bishop shall be allowed to hold more than one Parifh at the same time.Neverthless a Minister may,if called thereto by the Veftry, preach in a neighbouring Parith or Parithes during a vacancy in such Parith or P

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