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At a Vestry held for Henrico parish October ye 2 1742
present - the Rev'd Mr. William Stith Mins'r James Powell Cocke and James Cocke
Church Wardens. Richard Randolph John Bolling. Bowler Cocke, John Povall and Robert Mosby Vestrymen

D. Henrico Parish for the year 1742 N[t?] Tob'o
To the Rever'd Mr. William Stith his Sallery and Cask 16640
To John Eals a Reader at upper Church 1789
To John Hopson Sexton at Curls Church 536
To Elenor William Do at upper Church 536
To the Church Wardens for communion Bread and Wine 344
To Richard Royal Collector for a Ball. last year due to him 135
To the church Wardens for the use of Benj. Good Blind 1200
To Do. for Rebeccah Pruit 600
To Do. for Elenor Green 250
to Mary Hughs for keeping Mary Burnet 896
To Edmond Allen for helping his Son 536
to Church Wardens for Elizabeth Hamlet 800
to Do. for Edward Skinner 600
To James Powel Cock for his Advance for Benj'a Good}
and Elizabeth Hamlet Cash £3:11:6 in Tob'o } 600
to Mrs. Bennet for keeping Wm. West a poor Orphant 800
To Sack Brewer for fifteen months Sallery as Reader} 2236
and Cask Included }
To Do. as Clk of the Vestry Cask included 447
To Do. for Surveying the Gleebe 430
To Church Wardens for Jane Jenning 1000
To Do. for Elizabeth Baley 600
To So much towards Building a Chappel at Deep Run 10000
To John Hutchen for the Church Wardens to Despose of for [illegible] 406
Com. for Collector 2488
Do. parish in Cr.
By Richard Royall Collector for Tob'o Rec'd of persons not listed 504
By 1239 Tithables at 35 [illegible] Tob'o per pole is 43365

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