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Mr. William Fuller is appointed parish Collector for the Ensuing year and
it is ordered that he do receive of every Tithable person within the parish forty
Seven pounds of Tobacco & if any person refuses to pay the Same his is to Defrain
for it, he Enters into Bond for the performance thereof. John Redford and John
Williamson Gent. and his Securities.
Richard Randolph Gentleman, produses a Letter Directed to him from Honble
William Byrd Esquire, which is read as followeth. viz. "Sir October 12 1740.
"I should with great pleasure oblige the Vestry and particularly your Self in granting
"them an Acre to build their Church upon; but there are so many, roads already, thro that
"Land that the Damage to me would be too great to have another of a mile long cut
"thro it. I should be very glad if you would please to think Richmond a proper place
"and considering the great number of people that live below it, and wou'd pay their
"Devotions there, that would not care to go so much higher I can't but think it wou'd be
"two of the best lots that are not taken, up and besides give them ^any pine Timber they
"can find on that side Shockhoe Creek, and Wood for burning of Bricks into the Bargain
"I hope the Gent. of the Vestry will believe me a Friend of the Church when I make
"them this offer. and that I am both theirs Sir and your most Hum. Ser. Wm Byrd
Whereupon the Question is put whither the said Church should be Built on
the Hill caled Indian Town at Richmond, or at Thomas Williamsons plantation
on the Brook Road and is caryed by Majority of Voices for the former
It is thereupon ordered that the Church, formerly agreed on to be Built by
Richard Randolph Gen: on the South side of Bacons Branch be Built on
Indian Town at Richmond after the Same Manner as in the said Former
Agreement was mentioned.
James P. Cocke }
James Cocke.

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This was an interesting entry. It records a letter from William Byrd suggesting where the church should be built. The vestry agrees that the church should be built on Indian Hill (now Church Hill)