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Joseph Watson and Joseph Childers hath Seen Richard Williamsons Land prosessioned and
Joseh Watsons Land processioned , and Rebecca [Elenors?] Land processioned and Martin Martin
Land processioned and Edmod Allens Land processioned and Elizabeth Matthews [her?]
Land all but one a Line between Capt James Cock and her we cant find and Charles
Winfreys Land processiond and Thomas Easts Land processiond and Joseph Childers Land
processioned Capt James Cock his Land not processioned we cant find any Line
Elizabeth Morton her land not processiond for we cant find any Line between Capt Ja Cock[e]
and her Tho Elmore one Tract of Land not processioned we cant find any Line the Land
where he Lives is processioned John Ferris his Land processioned
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Ja. Powell Cocke
James Cocke

In obedience to an order of Henrico Court 1739. We the appointed processioners have with our
utmost Care processioned all the Lands within our precincts Except Some lines
not found agreed on by the owners thereof Viz't Between Edward Goode and Jo. Pleasants
Edward Goode and Tho. Childry Wm East and Ephram Gathrit Tho Binford and
Edward Mosby Witn. our hands March 26 1740 Nicholas Hobson Jno Enroughty
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Ja. Powell Cocke
James Cocke

Land processioned by Thomas Fenton Thomas Ellis and John North 1739. Widow Frema[n]
Holy Freeman John Do. [Ditto] Amos Hix Holy Freeman John Do. Thomas Ally Tomas
Jennet. Thomas Ellis. Wm Ellis Edward Reves, Wm Ellis bought of Edward Reves Thom.
Alley Edward Reves, John Shoemaker, Thomas Ally New Survey. Edware Reves, Wm
Ellis John Shoemaker John Shomaker. Thomas Ally Wm Ellis. Thomas Jennet John
Shomaker Edware Reves. Edward Revis Tho Cotrall. Sam'l Pincham, Tho. Cotrall
Edward Reves Thomas Cotrall Jacob Robertson, Thomas Cotrall, Abra Childers Thomas Cotrall

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The scribes spelling is sometimes a bit inventive.