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This is to Certifye that we have processioned the Lands within our Bounds according
to Order with peaceable prosession and Satisfaction to the persons whos names are
Subscribed between & William Porter Sen. Humphery Smith, Wm Porter Jr
John Pleasants, John Cock, William Persons, Thomas Watkins, Wm Sheets
Charles Floyd, Stephen Floyd, Stephen Woodson, John Middleton, Go. Pike
Thomas Binford Foliot Power, Wm East.
Humphery Smith, Edward East}
Tho: Binford }
March 29 1740
Ja. Powell Cocke
James Cocke
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Feb. 11 1740 An account of processioning. Viz Phillemon Perkins, John Frayson
William Stone, John Frayser, Will Negro Ben Scott, Henry Whitloe Hays Whitloe
Robert Scott all present. Francis Redford John Redford Sen. present, Abraham
Childers John Redford Sen: Joseph Woodson Robert Blaus. Frarn. Rowen Jo.
Woodson present Ann Bays Robert Blaws Isaac Sharp. Fran. Rowen pres.
Fran: Peirce William Pierce Maj: John Bolling John Redford Jun. Both
present. In Obedience to an order of Vestry we the Subscribers have processioned
all the Lands in our precinct by us. Isaac Sharp Wm Perce, Wm Stone
Ja: Powell Cocke
James Cocke
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In obedience to an Order of Henrico Court John Whitloe James Whitloe and John Frayser
being appointed by the Vestry of Henrico parish to process. and renew the Land marks from
Four Mile Creek to Corneliuss Creek on the Main Road and to Extend Back as far as the
Sevenpines Road hath renewd them as followeth Feb: 6: 1739. The Land Marks
between Charles Cafy and Phelemon Frayser renewed Charles Cafey and William
Frayser being present The Landmarks between Joseph Adkins and Phelemon Frayser
renewed, Joseph Adkins, William [superscript "3" written over William] Frayser and Charles [superscript "2" written over Charles] Cafy being present. The
Landmarks between Charles Cafy and Joseph Adkins Renewed. Jo Adkins Cha. Cary and
Wm. Fraysor present

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