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It is agreed that a Barn be built on the Glebe forty foot Long and Twenty Broad and
Ten and a half foot pitch'd the frame to be Sawed out of Good Timber to be covered w[ith]
good heart Shingles nailed on, the floor to be laid with two Inch plank and under
pined with Brick or Stone. James Hatcher undertakes the Said Building and engag[es]
to finish the Same workmanlike by the Twentieth day of June next for which the vestry
agrees to pay him Thirty five pounds current Money to be Raised by the Sale of Tobacco
Levyed on the parish for that purpose.

It is ordered that the parish Collector do pay into the hands of the Church Wardens
the Tobacco Levyed for the use of the parish, as Soon as he can conveniently
Collect the Same, and the Churchwardens are Impowered to make any private
Bargain and Sell the Said tobacco for Money, but not under Twelve Shillings and Six
pence per hundred. Otherewise they are to Sell it at Publick Sale to the highest Bider
James Powel Cocke }
James Cocke }

Every person under Writen have posessioned their Land Marks as us.
Richard More, Richard Truman Michal Hartfield, Thomas Bottom, Fran. Wilkinson
[Freemen?] Brothers, Francis Wagstaff, Thomas Watkins, John Dales, John Speare Gerret[t?]
Ellison, Samuell Bugg, Ann Austin, Edward Goode, John Ferris, William Ferris
William Clark, Robert Ferris, John Carter, Walter Leigh.
Certified by us. Thomas Watkins Samuel Bugg.
John Carter
Ja. Powell Cocke
James Cocke
Pursuant to the within order, We the Subscribers have made quiet and peaceable procession
of all Land according to the within orders, except two Certain parcels belonging to Orphants
not of age, one being left by Joseph Pleasants Deceased, and the other by Joseph Mosby dec'd
per Nath. Bacon, John Watkins Peter Patrick
Ja. Powell Cocke
James Cocke

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RE: Gerret[t?] Ellison. Ancestry has sentries from around this time for Geret Elisson, Garrett Ellyson