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the Several Sums of Money, which appears by the collector Account due to the parish. Viz
from the Honourable William Randolph Esq: Seventeen pounds, nine Shillings and ninepence halfp[enny]
from Wm. Beverley Randolph Seven pounds, eleven Shillings and threepence three farthings and from
the said collector Mr. William Fuller, two pounds fourteen Shillings, amounting in the whole to twenty
Seven pounds fifteen Shillings and a peny farthing; be paid unto the Said Richard Randolph in
part of his ballance
The Vestry proceed to Lay the parish Levy
Debtor Henrico Parish for the year 1739 Gr. Tobacco Cask
To the Rever'd Wm Stith 16640 [illegible] is 18708 640
To Ballance due to Last years Collector 495
to Sackvile Brewer Reader at Curls 2000 80
To ditto clerk of the Vestry, being processioning year 1000 40
To John Eals Reader at Chapel 2000 80
To John Hopson Sexton at Curles 600 24
To Elinor Williams Sexton at Chapel 600 24
To the church Wardens for Communion Bread and Wine 400
To ditto for the Use of Mary Burnet if living 1000
To ditto for the use of Elizabeth Baley 400
To ditto for Rebeccah Pruit [neet?] is 698
To Edmond Allen for keeping his Son an Ideot 600 24
to Robert Hardwick for keeping his Son 500
To the Churchwardens for the use of John West an Infant 400 16
To ditto for the use of Jane Jennings 800 32
To ditto for the use of Mary Hutchins 800
To [Sousnch?] towards Building the New Church 20000 Heet is 23256
Tobacco Saved to Build Barn on the Glebe 5000 Heet is 5816
60073 960
Cask Added 960
Com. a 6 p Ct. on 69544 the whol Sum to be receved 4172
Carryed forward 65205

Notes and Questions

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The last digit of several of the numbers in the second column are missing but were easily inferred.


Four lines have a word that looks like "heet" or "het" and I can't figure out what is meant.


The line concerning building the new church as a name that I've rendered as "[Sousnch?] ". I think that there is an earlier reference to him. I'm wondering if he was a free black who had not taken a surname.