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Chufas, or Earth Almond.

Also called "Ground Nut," or "Grass Nut." These are not as generally grown as they deserve to be. In sweetness and flavor they resemble the cocoa-nut or almond. They are greatly liked by all children. Our illustration represents their manner of growth, and they vary from the size of a large pea to that of a hazel-nut. They are considered very nice, put on the table in a fruit dish, with candies, as an after-dinner relish. Very prolific, a single one yielding from two to four hundred. The nuts grow under ground, very near the surface, easily reached by pigs or poultry, and destroyed by them if they have free access. Easily and cheaply grown, greedily eaten by hogs, which take on firm fat very rapidly from them. Plant in April, ten inches apart, in two and one half foot rows. Cover lightly. If the seed is very dry, soak well before planting. Per pkt., 10 cts.; oz., 15 cts.; 1/4 lb., 40 cts.; lb., $1.

Stratagem Peas.

Although the Stratagem is not a very new variety, still we list it here, as we want to call your especial attention to it, as we believe it to be the best late pea for family use. It has a vigorous branching habit; under favorable conditions an enormous cropper; pods long, well filled with from seven to nine peas of the largest size, extra fine quality. Not only one of the most elegant and showy peas in cultivation, but the most desirable acquisition of its class for the last number of years. Per pkt., 5 cts.; pint, 30 cts.; quart, 50 cts.; postpaid.

New Gold Coin Sweet Corn.

Years ago there was a yellow variety of Sweet Corn grown to a limited extent, but owing to its extreme lateness and great liability to mix with other corn, the stock became almost extinct. Last season Livingston, of Columbus, Ohio, introduced this variety of Yellow Sweet Corn, and we believe it to be a decided acquisition. It is remarkably distinct and handsome in appearance, in these respects exciting the admiration not only of gardners but of professional seed growers, and it is without doubt a very valuable variety. Its enormous productiveness is enough to place it in advance of any sort now grown; almost always yielding two, and frequently three mammoth ears to the stalk.

The New Gold Coin has been compared in all points with Stowell's Evergreen, and in sweetness and delicacy of flavor it surpasses that old favorite. So far it has proven ten days earlier, and it remains longer in fit condition for eating, and in size is one-third larger. The cob is snowy white, compactly formed with large deep grains. Per pkt., 10 cts.; pint, 30 cts.; qt., 55 cts., postpaid.

Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage.

A market gardener's strain of unusual size, color and weight. The result of careful and intelligent selection, it must prove to be very valuable. Its handsome appearance, large size, solidity and good quality will make it very desirable to all who like red cabbage. Color is very dark red. Per pkt. 10 cts.; oz. 60 cts.; 1/4 lb. $2.00.

March 18, 1889.--The garden seeds we bought of you last year gave good satisfaction. They were the best we ever used. The Market Gardeners' Beets were nice, large and good shaped; one measured 23 inches in circumferance and weighed 9 1/4 lbs.--N. M. Norcross, Grant, Iowa.

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10 Specialties And Novelties For 1890.


Red Cross Peanuts.

Peanuts can be grown in Iowa, and everyone should plant a few for themselves and the children. This very desirable variety is as early as the earliest, the most hardy, very prolific, and of the best quality. Boys, here is a chance for you. Think of growing Peanuts in your own garden, and having plenty of them to eat. Plant as soon as the ground becomes warm, from two to three feet apart each way, four or five to the hill, covering two or three inches. The soil should be deep and mellow and well broken up, so as to be ready for planting soon after frosts are over. April is a suitable time. They produce 25 to 70 bushels per acre, and are as easily cultivated as corn. "Splendid to fatten hogs and children." Price, per large package, 10 cts.; lb., postpaid, 50 cts.

Feb. 20, 1889.--The Vine Peaches we got of you last year were very nice. Mrs. J. T. F. Worster, Adel, Iowa.

Page's New Striped Rice Pop-Corn.

This splendid novelty, which is the result of a cross between the best White and Red varieties of the Rice Pop-corn, we have been at work improving for several years, until now we have undoubtedly the best, handsomest, and most attractive variety of Pop-corn in existence. We offered it to our customers in 1887, and it has proved to be an acquisition with which all are pleased. "Beautiful," " Splendid," "It takes the cake," is what they say of it. The color is a clear, translucent white, and each kernel is beautifully striped with bright crimson. The ears are of good size and well filled out. It ripens earlier than any other variety with which we are acquainted; is unsurpassed in productiveness, extremely tender when popped, bursting out very large, white as snow, and of finest quality. All should try it. Per pkt., 10 cts.; pt., 30 cts.; qt., 55 cts.; postpaid.

A New Red-Hot Pepper. Coral Gem Bouquet.

This is the finest of the small-sized varieties, and makes a very pretty ornamental plant for growing in pots. Its beautiful little pods of shining red color are so thickly set as to give it the appearance of a bouquet of corals, hence its name. As a Pot Plant it has proven a most rapidly selling article. Besides its great beauty, it serves the housekeeper in a most convenient way when pods are wanted for seasoning. In the open ground the plants grow to a height of from 24 to 30 inches, so densely set with pods as to bend its branches down. Flavor hot, and it is most excellent for making pepper-sauce. Each package contains 3 well-cured pods, which contain seeds enough for at least 100 plants. Per pkt., 10 cts.; 3 for 25 cts.

One packet each of the thirty-three vegetable novelties named in our list, amounting to $3.05, for only $2.00.

Wild Cucumber.

A well-known vine, common in many sections, and the quickest climber known, and is undoubtedly the best climber for covering verandas, old trees and houses, trellises, etc.; never suffering from the heat, but retaining its fresh and lively green color; never infested with insects, and very profuse in bloom. It will sow itself and come up every year in the same place. If you want shade for your veranda or porch try a packet of the "Wild Cucumber," and we assure you it will give satisfaction in every particular. Per pkt. 10 cts.

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Iowa Seed Company, Des Moines, Iowa. 11



An extremely handsome, large free-flowering annual, deserving of the most extensive cultivation. It is quite ornamental in growth, quickly forming large bushes and bearing showy flowers, as large and beautiful as Gloxinias, of various colors, red, white, yellow, purple, cream color, very handsomely spotted, stained and striped. The flowers are of the shape shown in our engraving, and are produced in great abundance. These are succeeded by the fruit, or seed-pods, which are large and curiously shaped. When young and tender (test by pinching with the nail) these seed-pods make excellent pickles, and as they are produced in great abundance a few plants will suffice for an ordinardinary garden. When allowed to fully mature the pods split open at the end, and become very hard and horny, and are sometimes called "Devil's Claws." Don't fail to try this handsome, useful and curious plant this year. Sow about May 1st, in open ground, in hills about three feet apart, allowing three or four seeds to each hill. When well started, thin out, leaving one plant to a hill. Per pkt. 10 cts.; oz. 25 cts.; 1/4 lb. 75 cts.

Elegant Nasturtiums.

These may well be classed among our most showy and handsome annuals. They are of very easy culture, and make a continuous show of bloom. Excellent for corsage bouquets. The following are new varieties which all should try:

Cloth Of Gold--Entirely unlike all other Nasturtiums, and in striking contrast to the dark-leaved sorts, the foliage of this new variety is a clear bright yellow. The plant is of dwarf, compact habit, very beautiful, even before coming into bloom, while the deep scarlet flowers intermingled among the yellow leaves add much to its beauty. We can recommend it most highly for bedding. Per pkt., 10 cts.; per oz., 30 cts.

Lady Bird--This is decidedly one of the very best of the several recent novelties. It is of dwarf, neat, compact habit of growth, and its striking flowers are produced in profusion throughout the summer. The ground color of the flowers is rich golden yellow, each petal barred with a broad vein (starting from the base) of bright ruby crimson. By careful re-selection its unique character has been fixed, so that it comes true from seed. Per pkt., 10 cts.; per oz., 30 cts.

"Chameleon."--The flowers of this new Tom Thumb Nasturtium are in "color crimson, bronze and gold, bordered and flamed, changing in hue almost daily, hence named 'Chameleon.' In habit compact and graceful, a profuse bloomer and an excellent pot plant." Per pkt., 10 cts.; per oz., 30 cts.

Empress Of India.--The plant is of dwarf, bushy habit, the leaves are of a dark, purplish blue color, making a suitable background for the brilliant crimson-scarlet flowers which stand out in bold relief. Its profusion of bloom and dazzling richness of color are remarkable. Per pkt., 10 cts.; oz., 25 cts.

King Of The Blacks.--A very handsome climbing variety, with flowers of a very rich dark brown, almost black. Per pkt., 10 cts.; oz., 25 cts.

Imperial Collection Of Nasturtiums.--This includes over a dozen of the dwarf varieties, selected from both American and foreign growers; thus when planted in beds produces a solid mass of colors. Per pkt., 10 cts.; oz., 25 cts.

One packet each of the above 6 varieties for 40 cents.

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12 Specialties And Novelties For 1890.


"Those Lovely Pansies."

Pansies are a specialty with us, and we use the greatest care in growing, selecting and importing the best strains of these universal favorites. The first two named below were introduced by us last season:

Iowa Beauty.--Of all the varieties of Pansies ever introduced this is certainly the finest. It contains a great number of varieties, all of which are beautifully marked, blotched or striped with the handsomest and most delicately blended colors. The flowers are of rich, velvety substance, and perfect shape, and larger than any other kind, except our Iowa Giant and Trimardeau. All should see the large colored representation of these in our store. Per pkt., 20 cts.; 6 pkts., $1.

Iowa Giant.--The largest variety of Pansies in existence; equal, if not larger than the Trimardeau, and of much better colors. Is much larger than the Iowa Beauty, but has not the velvety substance and rich delicate colors of that variety. They produce a great variety of shades and markings, and are sure to please all Pansy lovers. Per pkt.; 20 cts.; 6 pkts., $1.

Giant Trimardeau.--An altogether distinct and beautiful new class of Pansy, the flowers of which are of very large size; some have measured four inches in diameter. Each flower is marked with three large blotches or spots, and stands well above the foliage. Choice mixed colors, per pkt. 20 cts.

Golden Trimardeau--Has the large size of the above variety, but is of a rich golden yellow color. Remarkably handsome and showy variety. Per pkt. 25c.

Red Flowered Victoria.--If you like Pansies this will please you. It is a really distinct, splendid acquisition; a brilliant blood-red variety, in fact the first really brilliant red flowering Pansy offered. It is somewhat of the hue of wallflower, with flowers of good size and noble form, and is of great merit for any purpose. Per pkt. 25 cts.

Special--One packet each of the above five varieties for 75 cts. Plants of the above varieties 75 cts per dozen, postpaid.

Foliage Beets.

The new ornamental bedding plant, and one of the most effective foliage plants in existence, its leaves producing a wealth of tropical beauty. Its metallic, lustrous and glistening leaves equal any of the most expensive exotics and conservatory plants. Some of the varieties have leaves three feet in length and one foot in width; with glistening varnish-like surface and an intense scarlet mid-rib, surrounded on each side by the most exquisite shading and variegation. Others have mid-ribs of deep crimson, blood red, light yellow, golden yellow, silvery white, etc., and are veined with same colors. Seed may be sown in bed out-doors and transplanted as soon as they are large enough to show colors, into very handsome ribbon beds or borders, or may be sown where wanted. Our collection contains nine of the handsomest varieties. Per pkt. 10 cts.; oz. 35 cts. If desired, we will furnish one packet each of the nine varieties separately, so that they can be used for ribbon-bedding, for 45 cts.

International Novelties, Mixed.

Last year we made a grand test of Floral Novelties, obtaining seed therefor, from various sources, of new varieties of flowers from all parts of the world, and our trial fields exhibited a truly magnificent display of flowers never before grown here. A few of the varieties did not do well with us, but they may prove valuable in other climates or on different soil, but by far the larger number are excellent acquisitions, and we would like to have all our customers try them. We have saved seeds of most of the varieties, but instead of listing them in our catalogue separately, at 10 cents to 25 cents per packet, we have decided to mix them all together and offer our customers this grand assortment at the low price of 10 cents per packet; 3 pkts. for 25 cents; 7 pkts. for 50 cents. Our customers should not get this confused with the "Wild Garden" flower seed assortment, which consists of the older varieties; although it will pay all to purchase some of each. The Wild Garden assortment sells at 5 cents per packet; 20 cents per 1/4 oz.

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Iowa Seed Company, Des Moines, Iowa. 13

Wahlenbergia Grandiflora, Mixed.

A very handsome perennial plant, blooming first year from seed, which should be sown early in the open ground. They bloom very profusely and continuously all summer, if flowers are removed as soon as they begin to fade. The flowers are of large size, being 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter, and the various shades of light blue, lavender and white. Plants increase in size from year to year, and are sure to please. Per pkt. 10 cts.


Double Pearl Phlox Drummondi.

A grand novelty, first introduced by us in 1888. About six years ago we procured from a German grower seed of what purported to be Double White Phlox, but only about one half came double from the seed. By constant selection each year we have improved it, so that it comes true to name. It is very pretty, and will prove a splendid acquisition for bouquet work and suitable for button-hole bouquets, etc. Very pretty for borders and bedding. Per pkt 10 cts.

May 5, 1889.--Received my house plants last week, and very much pleased with them. They are lovely.--Mrs. H. Jansonims, Ackley, Iowa.

New Variveined Salpiglossis.

This is one of the handsomest and richest colored annuals with which we are acquainted. Flowers are beautifully variegated and veined, and attract great attention. It is much larger than the common Salpiglossis. The surface is soft and velvety, and the wealth of color displayed is marvelous. The plants are easily raised, and in good soil will grow from two to three feet high. Colors range from pure white to dark yellow, dark red, and purplish black, with all shades between beautifully striped, veined and mottled. They are, indeed, very satisfactory garden flowers, and we cheerfully recommend them to our patrons. Seeds were saved from the finest flowers grown on our Adair County Seed Farm. Don't fail to try them. Per pkt. 10 cts.

Phlox Drummondi, Cuspidata or Star.

A magnificent novelty, which is of such extraordinary form and beauty that every lover of the beautiful "must have it." The growth is generally four inches dwarfer and the habit slightly more compact than the common. The pointed center-teeth of the petals (five in number) are four or five times as long as the latteral ones and project beyond them like little spines, one quarter to one third inch long. Thus the flowers appear to have a splendid, regu1ar star-like form, whose beauty is improved by the broad, white margins, which borders the edges of the petals. This novelty will soon prove to be one of the finest flowers for fine bouquest [bouquets] and garden culture. A first-class certificate of merit has been awarded to this novelty by the Royal Prussian Horticultural Society. Per pkt. 25 cts.

New Striped Larkspur.

This handsome novelty, which we introduced, we are certain will be appreciated by all lovers of flowers. We have grown and been improving them for many years. The colors are pink, carmine, dark blue, purple, and white, striped and blotched and are delicately and beautifully blended, sometimes four or five shades on a single floret, and flowers are produced in the greatest profusion, making it one of the finest annuals in cultivation. All customers should try this novelty this season. Per pkt. 10 cts.

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