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Iowa Seed Company, Des Moines, Iowa. 27

CUCUMBER- Ger. Gurke.

One ounce will plant 50 hills; two pounds will plant one acre.

Cucumbers succeed best in a rich, loamy soil. For first early, sow in hot-beds, upon pieces of sod or in small flower pots, six weeks before they can be set out in open ground. When danger of frost is over, transplant in hills four feet apart each way. For general crop, plant in open ground in May, about twelve seeds in a hill. When danger of bugs is past, thin to four strong plants in a hill. For pickling, plant in June. Sprinkle vines with plaster or air slacked lime, to protect from bugs. Slug Shot will kill the bugs. We grew 32 1/2 acres of Cucumbers for seed the past year, our crop of the Perfect White Spine alone being nearly 7,000 pounds.

Early Russian- Very early and productive; quite hardy; per lb. 80c; 1/4 lb. 25c; oz. 10c. 5.

Early Cluster- Grows in clusters, is extremely productive and of good quality. Our seed of this variety was grown on our home farm, and we think it cannot be excelled in purity. (See cut.) Per lb. 70c; 1/4 lb. 20c; oz. 10c... 5.

[From a Photograph taken on our Adair Co. Seed Farm.]

IOWA SEED CO.'S PERFECT WHITE SPINE- We are proud of our Perfect White Spine Cucumber, and well we may be, as prominent horticulturists and experienced market gardeners pronounce it to be undoubtedly the best strain in existence. For ten years we have been growing and improving this variety on our seed farm, and as a result we offer to our customers this improved strain, which has been pronounced by good judges as superior to either the Peerless or Arlington. The fruit is of even and good size, straight and always well formed and symetrical. When small it is deep green in color and of uniform shape, making it unexcelled for pickling. When of usual size for slicing it still holds its beautiful green color, shading to light green at blossom end. As it matures it turns to a clear, beautiful white, very handsome and showy for market. Immensely productive. Keeps longer solid and crisp than any other variety we know of. Outyields any other vatiety for pickles, per pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; 1/4 lb. 35c; lb. $1.20.

Geneva, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1888:- Seeds of the Perfect White Spine Cucumber were planted April 24th, plants in bloom July 5th, of pickle size July 16th. The plants were very productive and the fruits were uniform in size and shape, indicating careful selection.
Director N. Y. Agr'l Experiment Station.

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