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Ellis T. Pierce, Pres't.
M. Kurtzweil, Vice-Pres't.

Established 1871.
Incorporated 1889.

M. L. Page, Sec'y.
Chas. N. Page, Treas. and Gen'l Mgr.

Office of
Iowa Seed Company,
903 and 905 Walnut Street.

Des Moines, Iowa, Jan. 1st, 1890.

To our friends and customers: For twenty years we have made an annual visit to our
customers through the medium of this catalogue, and on this anniversary we present you with the
most complete and largest Seed Catalogue ever sent out by any seed firm in this State, and trust
it will prove of value to you.

We thank you all for the liberal and continued patronage you have bestowed on us, and also
for the many kind words we have received as to the high quality of our seeds, and we promise to
continue our efforts to have our Choice Iowa Seeds just what we claim for them, the best in the world.
We send out only just such seeds as we would be willing to plant ourselves. We do not make a
"hobby" of any one kind of vegetables or flowers and neglect all others, but we make a specialty of
everything we handle, and all have our careful attention.

We are seed-growers—not only growing for our own trade, but for many eastern seedsmen, who
realize that Iowa is the garden spot of the United States for seed growing, and also thousands of
pounds for export to Europe.

Des Moines is the metropolis of Iowa, having more railroads than any city west of Chicago,
thus making our facilities for quick shipments unequalled. Our new store (see illustration on back
cover) is the most conveniently arranged for prompt filling of all kinds and sizes of orders, of any
seed store we know of in the west. We have this year incorporated our company with E. T. Peirce,
who has for several years had charge of our Mail Order Department, as President, and M. Kurtzweil,
the former superintendent of our seed farms, and the originator of several of our best novelties,
as Vice-President. The general management of the business will remain with Chas. N. Page,
the founder of the Iowa Seed Co., who has for many years been well known to most of our customers.

Suggestions To Customers

Order Early—The best time to order is just as soon as you receive this catalogue, and we can
always give your orders more of our personal attention if they come in before the rush of the
spring trade. Please use the order sheet, as it makes it more convenient for us in filling orders.
Terms are invariably cash with order, as we keep no book accounts in our mail order department,
and the expense of sending goods C. O. D. is quite large.

Shipping Directions—In ordering please state whether it will be convenient for you to receive
your goods by express, and if so, name your nearest express office, as all orders weighing two
pounds and upwards will be forwarded by express if possible.

Charges Prepaid—All seeds and plants, except those noted, are sent prepaid by mail or express
by the quickest and most direct route, unless ordered otherwise, and we guarantee their safe

Testing—All seeds are carefully tested, and nothing sent out which we do not believe to be
good in every respect.

Our Prices—Our constant aim is to make the highest quality the first consideration, and next
to put our prices as low as good reliable seeds can be sold. It is to your advantage to buy direct
from the grower, as we know more of the freshness, the purity, and reliability of our seed than a
dealer who buys all of his stock, and you can usually obtain lower prices from us on the same

Discounts—On all orders for seeds in packets the purchaser may select thirty-five cents
worth extra for each one dollar sent us.

For other discounts see heading of the respective classes of goods. Each year we put up thousands
of packets of seeds for free distribution among our customers, by adding liberally of them
to orders. We will allow you a discount of ten cents per pound on vegetable seeds if you are willing
to have them sent by express or freight at your expense.

What we Guarantee—That all money sent us for seeds shall reach us if sent by registered
letter, P. O. or express money order, or bank draft, made payable to our order. That your order
will be filled promptly and well.

Notice—The importance of good seed cannot be overestimated, and we are certain
that after a trial all our customers will agree that our seeds are the purest and best to be had.
Still, when it is considered how many are the contingencies on which the success of any crop depends,
our customers will readily see that it would be sheer folly for any one to warrant them to
produce a perfect crop, and we want it distinctly understood that while we exercise the greatest care
to have all seeds pure and reliable, we do not give any warranty, express or implied. If the purchaser does
not accept the seeds on these terms and conditions, they are to be returned at once, and money that has been
paid for same will be refunded. However, we have so much confidence in our seeds that we hereby
agree to refill any retail order for vegetable or flower seeds free of charge should they prove otherwise
than as we represent them.

We know of no responsible seed firm in the world who guarantees seeds any further than this.
Compare with other seed catalogues and you will see that we are right.

Our Responsibility—As this book will probably go into the hands of many who are unacquainted
with us, this question will naturally arise, and in answer to the same we respectfully refer
you by permission to the Valley National Bank, of this city.

Respectfully soliciting your orders and correspondence, we remain,

Yours very truly,

Iowa Seed Company.

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