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This list inclues all the most desirable, both of the delicate and the vigorous growing varieties.
Adlumia-(Mountain Fringe)- A beautiful, hardy perennial, with Fern-like foliage. 5.
Balloon Vine- Half-hardy annual, requires partial shade; pretty vine and flower. 5.
Calampelis Scabra- Bright orange flowers produced in great abundance. 10.
Coboea Scandens- One of the most magnificent climbers, prized for its rapid growth (often twenty to thirty feet) and abundance of beautiful, brilliant scarlet flowers; the seed should be planted edgewise, in moist earth - a pot or box is best - and given little to no water till plants are two or three inches high. 10.
--White- New and elegant. 15.
Convolvulus Major-(Morning Glory)- Very useful, rapd and free blooming, hardy climbers; mixed colors; per oz. 15c. 5.
Cypress Vine- Rapid climbers, with handsome, finely-cut foliage and brightly-colored flowers:
-Scarlet- Very bright. 5.
-White- Pretty in contrast with scarlet. 5.
-Mixed Colors. 5.
Dolichos Lablab--(Hyacinth Bean)- An excellent climber for dry, exposed places; mixed. 5.
Gourds- Useful for covering fences, arbors or old trees and stumps; greatly admired for their curiously-shaped and colored fruit:
-Calabash, or Dipper. 5.
-Hercules Club. 5.
-Nest Egg- Used largely for nest eggs. 10.
-Dish Cloth. 10.
-Sugar Trough. 10.
-All Varieties Mixed- Includes the above and many other varieties. 5.
Ipomea- Embraces a large class of plants, much admired for their fine foliage and handsome flowers; free bloomers and rapid growers:
-Bona Nox- Large purplish flowers; blooming at night; often called Good Night, Evening Glory or Moon Flower. 5.
-Purpurea-(Morning Glory)- Mixed. 5.
-Quamoclit-(Cypress Vine)- Mixed colors. 5.

Maurandia - Pretty for baskets, window vases and indoor decorations; fine mixed. 10.
Nasturtium, Tall - Admirably adapted for rock work, covering trellises, etc. They have recently come into much favor again:
-Choice Mixed Colors- Per oz. 15c. 5.
-Roi des Noirs- Almost black, very distinct. 10.
-Napoleon III- Golden yellow, striped with rosy scarlet. 10.
-Geant des Batailles - Brilliant carmine, fine. 10.
Smilax- Much used for winter decorations; seed starts slowly and should be planted in loose, rich soil and kept moist and warm. 20.
Sweet Peas- A hedge of Sweet Peas in bloom is one of the prettiest sights imaginable. The richness of their colors and delicacy of their fragrance make them indispensable in the flower garden. Plant them early and deep, two to four inches, in rich, loose soil; furnish support when four to six inches high:
-Butterfly- White, tinted lilac; oz. 25c. 5.
-Crown Prince of Prussia- Bright blush. 10.
-Invincible, Scarlet- Oz. 15c. 5.
-Painted Lady- Pink and white; oz. 15c. 5.
-Violet Queen- Very pretty; oz. 25c. 10.
-White- Oz. 15c. 5.
-Extra Fine Mixed- Contains a splendid assortment; per lb. $1.00; 1/4 lb. 35c; oz. 10c. 5.
-Everlasting Peas- Mixed colors. 5.
Thunbergia- Rapid-growing, free blooming climbers, well suited for house culture; baskets or vases. 10.
Tropaeolum- One of the most desirable of the annual climbers; easily grown in any common garden soil; produces and abundance of flowers of handsome shades or various bright colors:
-Peregrinum-(Canary Bird Flower)- Curious light yellow flowers; resembles our pet canary birds. 10.
-Lobbianum Spitfire- Bright scarlet. 5.
--Finest Mixture- All sorts. 5.
-Majus-(Tall Nasturtium)- Best mixed. 5.

Plants of these do not flower till the second season; among them are some of our best-known and highly-prized flowers. Seed may be sown in spring where plants are to bloom, or later in the summer in beds protected from the hot sun and kept moist.
Aquilegia-(Columbine)- Very hardy and easily grown. Flowers of all shades; mixed varieties. 5.
Aconitum Napellus-(Monk's Hood)- Does well under shade. 5.
Carnation- The finest of the Dianthus or Pink family, very fragrant. Our seed is unsurpassed:
-Double Extra Mixed. 20.
--Selfs Mixed. 10.
--Perpetual or Tree. 25.
Canterbury Bell- A free blooming and very handsome border plant; flowers bell-shaped:
-Single Mixed. 5.
-Double Mixed. 5.
Delphinum Chinensis-(Perennial Larkspur)- Well-known and very desirable border plants, producing their flowers on long spikes; fine mixed. 5.
Dahlia- Strong growing bulbous plants with handsome flowers of all shades of color. The roots must be taken up and kept from frost through the winter:
-Double Large Flowering- Mixed. 10.
Gladiolus- From best hybrid varieties. 15.
Hollyhock- A clump of double hollyhocks in full bloom is a great attraction, some of the flowers, especially the white, are a very good substitute for the Camelia:

-Double, Very Fine Mixed. 10.
Hyacinthus Candicans- A very vigorous grower, throwing up flower stalks three to four feet high, with beautiful, white drooping flowers; fine for mixing in beds of Gladiolus. 10.
Lathyrus Latifolious - (Perennial Peas) - Handsome, free flowering plants, growing five to ten feet high, die down to the ground every winter, starting up again in the spring; fine mixed. 5.
Sweet William-(Dianthus Barbatus)- For richness and diversity of color the flowers of the Sweet William are hardly equaled; perfectly hardy:
-Single Varieties Mixed. 5.
-Double Varieties Mixed. 10.
Viola Odorata-(Sweet Violet). 10.
--All Varieties Mixed. 10.
Wallflower- Plants removed to pots in autumn will produce an abundance of delightfully fragrant flowers; half-hardy:
-Double Varieties Mixed. 20.
-Single Varieties Mixed. 5.
Veronica- Extremely pretty little plants for edging; seed should be started early to be valuable the first of the season; mixed varieties. 5.

A mixture of a great number of such flower seeds as are suitable to be planted together. Altogether forming a mass of bright colored flowers and beautiful foliage which is sure to interest and please. Select a light rich soil, as free from weeds as possible, and plant in this latitude about the tenth of May. Half oz. 20c; pkt. 5c.

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