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Balsam- An old favorite much improved; unsurpassed for masses, fine for ribbon beds or borders; flowers double as the Rose, and very striking in their rich coloring:
-Best Double- Mixed colors; per oz. 60c. 5.
-Double Rose-Flowered--White. 10.
- - -Mixed Colors. 5.
- -Camelia-Flowered- Mixed colors. 10.
- -Carnation-Striped- Mixed colors. 10.
-Maiden's Blush- A new variety of Double Balsam, which is of a very delicate and handsome blush color. 10.
Bartonia Aurea- Bright yellow. 5.
Begonia- Tuberous-rooted. 25.
-Rex- Extra mixed. 25.
-Fourteen flowering varieties mixed. 15.
Brachycome-(Swan River Daisy)- Blue. 5.
- White. 5.
Browallia Elata- Produces very delicate and handsome flowers in great abundance; mixed. 10.
Cacalia Coccinea- A handsome free flowering little plant; owing to the peculiar form of the flower it is sometimes called Tassel-Flower, or Flora's Paint Brush; scarlet. 5.
Cactus- Fine mixed varieties. 25.
Calandrinia- Very pretty little plants for rockeries or vases; hardy, easily grown:
-Speciosa- Crimson. 5.
--Alba- White. 5.
Calendula- Belongs to tbe well-known Marigold family:
-Officinalus Le Proust- Very double, nankeen colored, fine. 5.
- -Meteor- Striped light orange. 5.
-Fine Mixed. 5.
Calliopsis- Fine for cutting, and the more you pick it the better it blooms; mixed varieties and colors. 5.
Callirhoe Pedata Nana- Large purplish crimson flowers with white eye, very handsome, free bloomers. 5.
Campanula Speculum - (Venus' Looking-Glass)- Handsome for masses; hardy, free bloomers. 5.
Candytuft- Hardy annual of the easiest culture, an old favorite. Seed should be sown where the plants are in bloom:
-Snow Queen- Splendid new variety. See description on page 11 of novelty sheet. Try it. 10.
-Amara- White. 5.
-Coronaria-(Tom Thumb)- Dwarf. 5.
-Odorata- White; sweet-scented. 5.
-Dunnett's Crimson- Splendid. 5.
-Best Mixed- Per oz. 40c. 5.
Canna- Magnificent foliage plants growing from three to six feet in height. If convenient, it is well to start seed in heat. Finest varieties mixed, per oz. 40c. 5.
Carnation- The finest of the Dianthus or Pink family, very fragrant. Easily grown from seed and blooms second year.
-Double Extra Mixed Colors. 20.
- -Selfs, Mixed. 10.
- -Perpetual or Tree. 25.
Catchfly-(Silene Armeria)- A very pretty and showy little plant; mixed colors. 5.
Celosia Japonica-(Japan Cockscomb)- Very bright crimson, well grown specimens are large and finely cut, producing a very striking and handsome appearance. 10.
-Glasgow Prize- A very fine, semi-dwarf variety; with large, brilliant crimson comb, and handsome dark foliage. Specimens grown on our place for seed this year measured 12 to 15 inches in diameter. 15.
-Cristata Nana- Dwarf mixed. 10.
-Pyramidalis Plumosa- Very handsome feathered sort; fine mixed. 10.
Centaurea Cyanus-(Batchelor Button)--Mixed. 5.
-Moschata-(Sweet Sulton)- Mixed. 5.
Centranthus- Very handsome small flowers, desirable for bouquets; mixed varieties. 5.
Crysanthemum- Very showy and desirable for fall and early winter blooming. Plants potted in the fall make a continuous bouquet for many weeks.
-Tricolor- Fine mixed. 5.
-Indicum Pompon- Double mixed. 10.

Cineraria Hybrida- Very handsome greenhouse plants, fine mixed. 25.
-Maritima -Silver-leaved. 10.
--Candidissima. 15.
Clarkia Elegans- Of easy culture, an early and free blooming plant; fine mixed. 5.
Clianthus Dampeiri- A beautiful shrubby climber, grown mostly under glass, but does well set out of doors in summer time; flowers brilliant scarlet, growing in clusters. 25.
Coleus- Handsome foliage plants, much used for massing and edgings; seed should be started under glass; mixed varieties. 15.
Collinsia- Very pretty hardy annuals, producing an abundance of flowers in clusters; mixed. 5.
Convolvulus Minor -(Dwarf Morning Glory)- Flowers smaller than the old vining sort, and producing a greater abundance. Beautiful for massing; fine mixed colors. 5.
Crepis- Low growing plants with neat little flowers of bright yellow, white, pink and red; fine mixed. 5.
Cuphea Platycentra-(Cigar Plant)- Greenhouse plant, also makes a handsome border; flowers bright scarlet, tipped with black and white. 15.
-Purpurea- Fine mixed. 5.
Cyclamen Persicum- One of the handsomest of greenhouse plants. The foliage is handsomely marked and the flowers beautiful. Seed should be sown under glass in well rotted compost and sand; mixed colors; best strain. 25.
Daisy- Popular perennials, blooming the first year from seed; very handsome for borders or pots; best double mixed. 10,
Dahlia- This beautiful flower is easily grown from the seed. Start early in the house. 10.
Datura Fastuosa- Best double mixed. 5,
Dianthus - Deservedly popular, coming into bloom early and continuing throughout the season. The fragrance, beauty and bright coloring of their flowers are universally admired:
-Chinensis - (Double Chinese Pink)- Finest double mixed. 5.
-Heddewigi- Finest selected single mixed, undoubtedly one of the most showy of the Pink family. 5.
-Laciniatus- Double fringed; best mixed. 10.
-Imperialis--(Double Imperial Pink). 5.
-Mixed Varieties and Colors. 5.
-Barbatus-(Sweet William)- An old favorite; hardy perennials, single mixed. 5.
Digitalis-(Fox-Glove)- Hardy perennials; bloom the first year; fine mixed. 5.
Erysimum - Handsome, hardy annuals; free blooming, resembling the single Wall Flower; deep orange fiowers. 5.
Eschscholtzia--(California Poppy)- Low growing plants; pretty for massing or edging; mixed. 5.
Euphorbia- A showy foliage plant. 5.
Feverfew- See Matricaria.
Fuchsia Hybrida- Well known greenhouse plants. Easily grown from seed; finest double mixed. 25.
Ferns- Fine mixed. 15.
-Tree- Fine mixed. 25.
Gailardia- A showy bedding plant, producing an abundance of brilliant flowers through the whole summer and fall:
-Pieta- Best mixed. 5.
-Lorenziana- New double, one of the finest annuals grown for bedding and cutting. 10.
-Grandiflora- Very handsome perennial, varieties mixed. 10.
Geranium, Fine Mixed Colors- Contains a choice assortment. 10.
-Tom Thumb- Best dwarf; mixed colors. 15.
-Apple-Scented- Per 100 seeds 75c. 25.
Gilia- Low growing annnals, pretty for border or beds; flowers profusely; very useful for cutting; of easiest culture:
-Tall Varieties- Mixed. 5.
-Dwarf Varieties--Mixed. 5.
Gladiolus - A well known bulb, easily grown from seed, and we should like to have all of our customers try raising them in this way. This seed is of our own growing from the best varieties, and will produce an assortment sure to please any lover of flowers. They bloom the second year from seed. 15.
Gloxinia- Greenhouse plants, producing richly colored and brilliant flowers; finest strains of new Hybrids; mixed. 25.

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