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fine Turnips. Some are as large around as a dinner plate, and weigh seven pounds apiece. All other seeds yielded in proportion."
PURPLE TOP GLOBE- Similar to above, except shape. This is the largest yielder of any Turnip on the list, and very desirable either for table use or stock. (See cut;) per lb. 65c; 1/4 lb. 25c; oz. 10c; 5 pounds or more not prepaid, 45c per pound... 5.
Yellow, or Amber Globe- Good for either garden or field culture, large cropper, flesh yellow, fine grained and sweet; per lb. 85c; 1/4 lb. 25c; oz. 10c... 5.
ORANGE JELLY, or Golden Ball- A beautiful, bright yellow Turnip of medium size and of universally sweet and delicate flavor. It is hardy and one of the best of keepers. Always brings a good price in the market; per lb. $1; 1/4 lb. 30c; oz. 10... 5.
Cow Horn- New, delicate flavor, rapid growth, pure white tinged with green at the crown; per lb. $1; 1/4 lb. 30c; oz. 10c... 5.
WHITE GERMAN- Large size,oval form and
very solid, flesh pure white and sweet. This is the best keeping variety that we have found. Have been known to keep in perfect condition through winter and until July. (See cut;) per lb. $1; 1/4 lb. 30c; oz. 10c... 5.
Large White Norfolk- A good field variety; per lb. 50c; 1/4 lb. 15c; oz. 5c; 5 pounds or more not prepaid, at 25c per pound.
Large White Globe- Fine for field culture; very productive; per lb. 60c; 1/4 lb. 20c; oz. 10c... 5.
Yellow Aberdeen-Excellent for cattle feeding; per lb. 75c; 1/4 lb. 20c; oz. 10c... 5.
Seven Top- The hardiest of all sorts. Grown principally for the tops which are much liked for greens; per lb. 75c; 1/4 lb. 25c; oz. 10c... 5.

Ruta-Bagas should be sown not later than June, in drills two feet apart, and thin out to eight inches in the rows.
Sweet German- Flesh firm, white and solid; attains a large size and has a rich, sweet flavor; per lb. $1; 1/4 lb. 30c; oz. 10c... 5.
Skirving's Purple Top- Per lb. 60c; 1/4 lb. 20c; oz. 10c... 5.

IMPROVED AMERICAN--This is the leading
yellow fleshed variety, very solid, fine quality, valuable for the table and feeding stock. (See cut;) per lb. 75c; 1/4 lb. 25c; oz. 10c... 5.
Carter's Improved Hardy Swede--Large size, excellent quality and an immense yielder. Many seedmen rank this as the best of the Swede Turnips; per lb. 65c; 1/4 lb. 20c; oz. 10c... 5.
English Rape--Not a Ruta-Baga, although closely allied; cultivated for its tops, which are valuable for feeding stock; it forms no bulb; per lb. 50c; 1/4 lb. 20c; oz. 10c.

In making up your assortment of seeds for the year, don't neglect to order a few varieties of Herbs. They should have a place in every vegetable garden. Sow seed in spring in shallow drills, one foot apart, and when up, thin out and transplant to a few inches apart. The chief point is to harvest them properly, which should be done on a dry day, when not quite in full bloom, then dried quickly and packed closely, and entirely excluded from the air.
The following are the varieties most cultivated:
[column headings: Pkt. Oz.]
Anise. 5. 10.
Balm. 5. 30.
Basil, Sweet. 5. 25.
Borage. 5. 15.
Caraway. 5. 10.
Catnip. 10. 50.
Coriander. 5. 10.
Dill. 5. 15.
Fennel. 5. 15.
Horehound. 10. 50.
Hyssop. 5. 30.
Lavender. 5. 25.
Majoram, Sweet. 5. 40.
Opium Poppy. 5. 30.
Rosemary. 10. 50.
Rue. 5. 30.
Saffron. 5. 15.
Sage. Per lb. $2.50; 1/4 lb. 75c. 5. 25.
Savory, Summer. 5. 25.
Thyme, Broad-Leaved. 10. 50.
Tansy. 10. 50.
Wormwood. 5. 30.
Mixed Varieties--A mixture of all the above kinds, and will give a nice garden assortment. 10. 35.

Plants quoted "By Mail," are sent at our expense; "By Express," at the purchaser's. By our system of packing they are sure to arrive in good condition when the time of transit does not exceed three days. No charges for either packing or boxes.
Plants from hot bed or cold frame are ready during April and May. Out-door grown, during June and until middle of July.
(Prices for large quantities of any of these Plants or Roots will be given on application.)
ASPARAGUS ROOTS--For directions for planting, etc., etc., see Asparagus Seeds.
--Conover's Colossal--One-year-old roots, 100, 75c; 1,000, $5. Two-year-old roots, per 100, $1; 1,000, $7.
CABBAGE PLANTS--Early Varieties--Early York, Landreth's Earliest, Jersey Wakefield, Early Winningstadt and Henderson's Early Summer--by mail, 100, 75c; by express, 100, 50c; 1,000, $3.50.
--Late Varieties--Chase's Excelsior, Premium Flat Dutch, Large Late Drumhead and Stone Mason Drumhead--by mail, 100, 75c; by express, 100, 40c; 1,000 $2.50.
CAULIFLOWER PLANTS--Snowball, Erfurt and Favorite--By mail, doz., 20c; 100, $1.25; by express, 100, $1; 1,000, $7.
CELERY PLANTS--Henderson's Half Dwarf, Golden Dwarf, White Plume and Boston Market--By mail, doz., 20c; 100, $1; by express, 100, 75c; 1,000, $5.
EGG PLANTS--New York Improved--By mail, doz., 25c; by express, 100, $1.25.
GARLIC SETS--Plant early in the spring, in rows one foot apart and three inches apart in the row. Cultivate like Onions; per lb., 50c, postpaid.

HORSE RADISH SETS--Plant at any time during spring, in rows two feet apart and abou. [about] eighteen inches apart in the rows. By mail, per doz., 35c; by express, per 100, $1; per 1,000, $8.
PEPPER PLANTS--Large Bell, Sweet Mountain, Cayenne and Golden Dawn--By mail, doz., 25c; 100, $1.25; by express, per 100, $1.
SWEET POTATO PLANTS--We make a specialty of supplying first-class Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Potato Plants, and we take great pains to send out only such as are strong, vigorous, well-rooted and hardy. (Ready about May 1st.) Price by mail, 100, 75c; 300, $2; by express, per 100, 35c; 1,000, $2.50.
RHUBARB ROOTS--These may be planted early in the spring or in the fall, setting the roots three feet apart each way. It requires but little labor to plant, and when once planted in good rich soil it will remain in bearing condition several years. By express, each, 20c; doz., $1.50; 100, $10.
TOMATO PLANTS--Cardinal, Perfection, Favorite, Acme, Beauty or Trophy--By mail, doz., 20c; 100, $1; by express, 100, 65c; 1,000, $4.

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